Gym all to myself (& the bicep girlers :-)

This is one of the main reasons I get up at half 6 in the morning to go to the gym (instead of later on when its busy).

I had this area all to myself this morning for about 20 minutes until a few guys decoded they wanted to join me and do bicep curls.

(I wasn’t doing bicep curls, I was doing compound (rows, cleans, presses & squats) and plyo exercises (jumps & press ups), but hey ho someone’s got to do the bicep girls… I mean curls.) 😉 They’d be much better off doing compound exercises, but who am I to tell them that!
Here’s what I did this morning: (except I did bent over rows for the last 2 24s with a 30kg dumbbell. 🙂

(If you’re looking at this on an iPhone, click the image below and save the image to use in your own gym sessions if you want).

(2 circuits of the first 3 circuits, then 4 circuits of the 4th one). Big weights between 12-30kg. Ouch.

I got an impressive 3.0 on my Garmin Training Effect: ave HR: 138 (73%) max HR: 168 (88%). A good hard workout (as hard as the instructor led circuits the other night).  🙂

Now this is the first time I’ve trained in the middle of a fast… at 8am today I’ll have just 6 hours left of my 18 hour fast… I think plenty of water and green tea will be needed!  Wish me luck!

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