Kaizen Run Club Hill Reps

Tuesday night 18:15, and it was Kaizen Run Club for me and 6 of our Kaizen Runners: Sandra, Pauline, Bushra, Jamie, Suleman and Lee.

On Tuesdays we usually do speedwork or intervals, and tonight I had Kaizen Hill Reps in store for them. 🙂

We ran up to Kelvingrove Park and did 4 sets of hill reps. Here’s what we did…

10 minute warm up;

Hill Reps 1: 5 mins of running up and down hill 1 to get a feel for it.

Hill Reps 2: 5 mins of running up and down hill 2; trying out running with shirt strides up the hill and long strides leaning into the hill and using gravity to help us go downhill.

Hill Reps 3: Then I split them into two groups and we went along to the steps:

Team Kaizen:
Sandra, Jamie & Bushra

Team Active:
Lee, Pauline & Suleman

The challenge was to see how many hill reps each group could do. (A hill rep was once up and once down).

Team Active got 14 hill reps.
Team Kaizen got 13 hill reps.

Hill Rep 4: I split them into two other groups: 1: Lee, Suleman and Sandra and 2: Jamie, Pauline and Bushra. The challenge this time was to be the first to get to the top of the hill as a group after 5 minutes. Group 2 got to the top first on that challenge.

We all had a great group workout and then ran back to the Marriott together.  ( I like the graph my Garmin made…. elevation and heart rate.)

It was a great run and good to see some new Kaizen Runners coming along and getting to know the Kaizen Runners who’ve been coming for ages.

Here’s the Garmin link:


3 miles, 43 minutes, lots and lots if hill reps! The Kaizen Runners all did really well. 🙂

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