German ‘Energie-bomb’

I came into work to a nice surprise today, from my good friend and speedy gonzalez Cris Walsh.

Cris recently completed the Berlin Marathon in just over 2:40 (amazing I know)… And he brought me back one of these, a:

Seitenbcher Energie-bomb!

As you can see it packs a whopping 19.5g of carbohydrates, 14g of fat and 4.5g of what I can only assume is protein.

After 18 hours of fasting and a bagel, this Energie-bomb is very very appealing. 🙂

I ate one and it tastes of something I can’t quite put my taste buds on. It’s tasty and easy to eat… Now what does it taste of?….?….? Marzipan maybe?

It’s tasty anyway… no wonder eh… look at the writing on it….’super lecker’ !  Apparently yhe line ont he fron tmeans:

‘Without artificial flavours, gluten free and super tasty!’

….Seitenbacher is a really good brand.  🙂  (So says my German friend and fellow running coach Kathi Miller)

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