New Nike gillet courtesy of Kaizen Runners!

I take the Kaizen Active Running Club on a Tuesday and Sunday each week and over the last 12-15 weeks I’ve helped a group if non runners who didn’t think they could run, become Kaizen Runners! 🙂

It’s a great little group of people and I’ve been really impressed with their progress. In June they wouldn’t or couldn’t run and now they look forward to Kaizen Run Club and are regularly running between 3-6 miles each time we go out.

A few weeks ago I was pleasantly surprised after they gave me a rather unexpected present of £40 worth of Run 4 It vouchers and I managed to spend them today on a nice warm (reflective, waterproof and windproof) Nike gillet (below):

Thanks very much Kaizen Runners!

It’s much appreciated and you shouldn’t have! (But I’m pleased you did!) 😀 x

It should keep me warm and seen on runs in the dark on autumn and winter! 🙂

To sign up for Kaizen Run Club go to:

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