Wk40 – My Training

This week has gone pretty much to plan, although I actually did 4 strength workouts across Monday and Wednesday as well as Metafit on those days too… so I’m thinking it’s a good idea to take a rest from it now.

Here’s the training (Plus Garmin links) I’ve done / am doing this week (40):

Mon AM: Body Shock Power Workout 3 plus 20 mins cardio bike intervals
Mon PM: Metafit, 10 min treadmill hill walk & Body Shock Power Workout 4

Tue AM: Lie in! 🙂 (Fasted from 8pm Mon – 2pm Tues as it was an easy day)
Tue PM: Kaizen Runners: 6 miles running: 4 miles with Kaizen Runners

Mon AM: Body Shock Power Workout 5
Mon PM: Metafit & Body Shock Power Workout 6!

Thu AM: 7 miles run: 5 miles with Gill
Thu PM: Teach swimming for 3 hours

Fri : Rest

Sat AM: Teach swimming for 2 hours
Sat PM: Rest

Sun AM: Kaizen Runners: 7 miles, 5 miles with Kaizen Runners
Sun PM: Swimming Teaching

(and Jury Duty Monday, and work 9 – 5 Tuesday to Friday, too!).

Since about Tuesday my legs have been stiff, especially my hamstrings, so whilst I was going to do strength on Mon, Wed, Fri, I think I have done plenty of strength work and think my body will benefit more from full rest on Friday and Saturday (except for teaching swmming).

3 runs, 4 strength workouts, 2 Metafit, 1 full rest day, 3 teaching swimming, 2 lie ins, 4 days at work, 1 day at Jury Duty!

How’s that for a full on week full of cross training, strength work, working the day job and doing my (Jury) duty!? 🙂

How has your training been going this week?  Have you any questions you’d like me to answer? If so, please email me and I’ll see what I can do.  😀

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