5M Winter Series wi Gill

I’ve started up running with Gill again on Thursday mornings before work.  I meet her at 630 and it’s a good way for me to make sure I get out of bed for a good 5 mile run, and I get good chat with her too.  Her aim is to improve her speed, and I’m happy to help (plus she gets a good chat with me!)

Last week was our first Thursday morning run in a while.  Last year we had been doing them (5 mile runs) and she was usually getting between 46 – 48 minutes for our Winter Series route (see detail here). We did a few speed sessions where we did one minute intervals where she got it below 45, but her steady runs were usually above 45 minutes, or closer to 46 minutes (45:51 being her fastest time).

It’s been interesting seeing how she runs, what her limits are and to see her push herself when she wants to.  One thing I noticed about her runs last year was that her splits over the 5 mile run were quite similar – faster in the first and last mile, slower on the 2nd and 3rd mile and faster again on the 4th mile.

Well… one year on and after a break from running with me (she’s doing more Metafit, Spinfit and Cycling now, and has lost a wee bit of weight too)… she’s now smashing her PBs for 5 miles and on top of the she’s clocked up two negative splits on the last two runs we’ve been out on – each mile getting a little bit faster – hill and all.  🙂

Today she did her first 5 miles at an average pace under 9 minute miles – she did it in just over 44 minutes!  Even faster than when we did speed work.  I’m very impressed with how she’s done and it just shows how a little rest from running, as well as some cross training and a bit of weight loss can help improve your running speed.  She’s done really well and I’m really enjoying running with her again. 🙂

See the comparison from this weeks run to last weeks, below:


Wk40 – 5M Winter Series wi Gill


Thu, 4 Oct 2012 6:17

Wk39 – 5M Winter Series wi GIll


Thu, 27 Sep 2012 6:35



5.00 mi 5.00 mi


44:04 45:31

Avg Speed

6.8 mph 6.6 mph

Avg Pace

8:48 min/mi 9:06 min/mi


450 C 383 C




Time Distance Avg Pace Time Distance Avg Pace


9:07 1.00 9:07 9:20 1.00 9:20


8:52 1.00 8:52 9:13 1.00 9:13


8:50 1.00 8:50 9:09 1.00 9:09


8:43 1.00 8:43 9:07 1.00 9:07


8:31 1.00 8:31 8:41 1.00 8:41


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