Body Shock Power Workout ONE

This morning was my first Body Shock Power Workout as part of my Super Lean Regime.

I’ve not been training much over the last 3-4 weeks due to holiday and some extra time off when I came back… so it was a bit of a shock to get up this morning at 6:15am and it was dark.  😦

It seems I’ve missed the whole transition of the mornings going from being light … to being dark.  (Although it was light by the time I came out of the gym at 7:30am, so I guess if I go running at 6:30am I’ll run to the sun rising which will be nice.) I like running as the sun comes up so I think I’ll do it on Thursday morning.

Day one of week one of the Super Lean Regime is a strength day:

  • Lifting heavy things in circuit format with limited rest to promote fat burn and formation of muscle to burn calories and look good.
  • My aim is to work hard, get my heart rate up and lift heavy things to promote a hormonal shift and body fat burn.
  • Where I usually do plyometrics with body weights, I’m trying to include additional weights to make me work even harder!


Here’s the workout I did: Body Shock Power Workout ONE:

Today I did:

  • 3 sets of 4 exercises, repeated twice.
  • With 24s of Squat to Press in between.
  • The Plyo of each circuit was done for 1 minute each, then I did around 12 reps for each exercise after that.
  • For the Abs circuit I did 4 exercises for 30 secs each, with 6 secs recovery.

The exercises were as in the graphic above, and the Abs circuit was:

  1. Bench Jump Overs
  2. Burpees with 2 x 8kg weights
  3. Suicide Drills (with a 12.5kg dumbbell)
  4. Down the middle woodchop / sledgehammer (with a 12.5kg dumbbell).

I think I could have worked harder on the Plyo exercises so I’ll have a think to see how I can push it more (with jumps etc) in the next strength workouts I do.

For afters I had porridge and a really tasty protein shake made from: Spinach, banana, peanut butter, creatine, egg white and chocolate protein powder.  Very tasty indeed.

Hopefully I won’t be too sore after all of that. We’ll see.  🙂

Body Shock Power Workout ONE: 45 minutes, Ave HR: 127 (67%), Max HR: 157 (83%), Garmin Training Effect: 2.2

Here’s my HR graph:

Did you, or are you doing a strength workout today?

Tomorrow it’s cardio intervals – 5 min warm up, then 6 x 30 secs fast, 30 secs recovery, 5 mins cool down. I’ll do it on the way home from Kaizen Runners I think. 🙂


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