10 nights at Lake Garda, Italy :-)

I’ve got some numbers and links to share about my holiday to Lake Garda… 🙂  (Last post about it – honest 🙂  )

10 nights in Bardolino, Lake Garda;
9 dinners of fish, one dinner of steak;
3 boat (batt) trips;
1 cycle trip;
Lots of relaxation in the sun;
4 swims in the pool;
1 swim in the lake;
1 x early morning session of Body Shock Power Workout in the gym;
1 x 5 mile run as the sun came up;
12 beastie bites for me :-(;
1 lunch of octopus (without batter – not impressed – boak);
3 pasta dishes; 1 pizza; 4 salads; 3 melon with parma ham;
3 little sunburnt toy cats; loads of water;
528 photos; 105 of which were of the cats!
and countless ice creams for me. 🙂

See some pictures here:

Lake Garda 5th September 2012
Me EATING at Lake Garda September 2012

Some Garmin links here:

Day 4 – 16M Cycle to Sirmione
Day 4 – Boat from Sirmione to Bardonlino
Day 6 – 8M Walk to Garda
Day 7 – Boat to Malcesine
Day 7 – Cable Car ride up Mount Balde
Day 9 – Body Shock Power Workout Test
Day 10 – 5.1M Run to Garda & back
Flight from Verona – Glasgow

And some of the pics from the links above are below…

Now back to it… freezing cold and rain for autumn / winter… BRING IT ON!!  😉

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