Intermittent Fasting whilst on holiday

(written on Thursday 13th September whilst on holiday in Italy)

I’ve been doing intermittent fasting (IF) for around 4-5 weeks now: once a week on my rest day from exercise, I don’t eat for 18 hours (and eat normally for the remaining 6 hours of that day).

I was in a bit of a quandary about what to do when I was on holiday. I’d been doing IF (18:6, 1/6) once a week usually on Thursday or Fridays and had played about with different times to do it:

1: Eat for 6 hours until 2pm, then don’t eat until 8am the next day.
2: Eat for until 7pm, then don’t eat until 1pm the next day.

The second option seemed easier because as much as I think I need my breakfast, I was ok not having it and resisting until lunchtime to eat. It also seemed like you did the majority of your fast at night and when you were sleeping when you wouldn’t normally eat anyway.

What to do on holiday
Now my quandary came when there was no way (or about a 1% chance) that I’d do IF on one of my days of my holiday.

We were away for 10 days from very early Wednesday 5th, getting to our Hotel by about 12 noon, and leaving early on Saturday 15th.

I had an idea to do my IF for the first week as I travelled. So on the Tuesfay night I had my last meal at 6pm with the intention of eating again at around 12 the next day.

It ended up I didn’t get to eat my lunch (an original Italian pizza) until around 2pm so I hasn’t eaten for 20 hours whilst travelling, but I felt surprisingly ok. 🙂

I had plenty to drink, saved loads by not having to buy food at the airport and didn’t need to have breakfast at stupid o clock before I left Glasgow. 🙂 It worked well.

Half board
We were staying half board, do breakfast and dinner included. And dinner was always brilliant. Always loads of fish or meat available with plenty of veg, and perhaps most importantly lots of Italian ice cream available (for two servings for me most nights!) It seemed a Shane to miss out on for IF.

I had fish almost every night: Hake, Trout, Salmon, Plaice, Blue Shark, Sole and Steak one night too. Plenty of SANE foods right on tap… It’s just a pity the ice cream was so tempting and could have ruined my attempt to eat sanely. 😉

It was my holidays afterall. So ice cream a plenty and I know I won’t want it when I get back to freezing Glasgow and need to put my heating on!

IF on the way back
The IF on the way travelling out to Italy went so well that I’m going to do it on the way back too. I’ll stop eating at around 8pm on the Friday night, and not eat until around 4 or 6pm. We’ve got a custumary table booked at a Chinese for 6pm so it looks like a 20 hour fast is on the cards.

This holiday has been a very relaxing one. Usually we’re really active, hiring bikes and walking loads of miles through cities, but this year we’be spent the majority of our time either lying by the pool, eating or sleeping.

We’ve had a few days where we’ve walked a bit, and one day where we cycled a leisurely 16 miles before getting the boat back and one day (in a cable car) up Mount Baldo, and a few swims but mostly it’s been relaxing. 🙂

I’m looking forward to my IF when we travel home and I’m also interested to see if my abundance of ice cream and reduction in exercise has had any effect on my weight or body fat. Sad I know, but I like to test out to see how changes in lifestyle affect my weight.

Maybe my attempt to eat sanely along with my IF will offset any weight increase by the 5 litres of ice cream I’ve eaten?! I’ll let you know the results when I get back. 🙂

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