GELATO extravaganza…

10 days at Lake Garda, Italy = lots of tasty Italian Gelatos consumed by me. 🙂

Sometimes 2, sometimes 3, sometimes 4 gelatos a day. 🙂

And I usually had one pudding of ice cream…then couldn’t resist a second serving as it was a buffet dinner….. 🙂

All these Gelatos… plus eating well (Smarter Science of Slim SANEly) the rest of the time….

…has led to me putting on just 1lb!!

Perhaps I should live on ice cream and SANE food more often! 🙂

It’s a bit chilly to do it here though I think.

(PS: sometimes there are more than one photo of the same ice cream – honest.)

Enjoy my Gelato snaps… 🙂

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