GELATOS!!! and Super Lean Regime…

Well, I’m half way through my nice sunny relaxing holiday in Bardolino, Lake Garda and I’ve had a bit more rest and relaxation than I’d planned (which is good).  Plenty of days lying by the pool and going in for swims, and one day where we cycled 16 miles to Semolina… I mean Sirmione.  😉

It’s been great weather, in the high 20s / 30s and gorgeous – just what I’ve needed.

We’re staying half board and we’ve been getting a breakfast and dinnner…and the food is really good.  I’ve been eating plenty of good food, eggs and tomato in the morning and meat or fish with plenty of veg at night… (and TWO servings of puddings most nights).  :-O  Of course we’ve been having lunch and an extra wee 11sies ice cream to cool me down too. I might need to ration myself!

Whilst I’ve been here I’ve been getting together an idea that you might like to join me and do… it’s Lorn’s Super Lean Regime.   A 12 week plan, 6 days a week, 30 – 60 minutes a day where you eat well, exercise (cardio intervals and strength training) to burn body fat and become a Super Lean Machine.  🙂

Keep an eye out for it… I’ll be updating it and giving you all the information you need when I get back from my holidays. 🙂

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