Day 1 attempt of fasting went well

I have to say my first attempt at intermittent fasting went well. I stopped eating at 2pm on Friday and 18 hours later I’ve had my first bit of food.

This first bit of melon was so tasty!! As was the porridge and banana. In going a run this morning so I want to make sure I’ve got enough energy for it.

So how did the fasting go for me? Better than I expected! I usually eat every 2-3 hours so after a few hours my body was sending my Brain hunger signals.

I drank water and a few cups of green tea and the hunger seemed to fade. It came and went in waves. I even sat through fit girl having a Chinese curry ok! And didn’t even want any!

I went to bed at about 11 and probably the only bad thing was that I woke a few times with hunger and needing a pee from all the water I drank, but apart from that it was fine. And I think I’ll do it on my rest day next week.

I just need to check I’m ok to exercise today without any ill effects. it’s actually all made me appreciate my food more and appreciate what I put in too (as being quality).

You might be wondering why the hell I’m doing this. I don’t need to or want to lose weight. I’m not after that. I’m looking to see if I can become healthier as the horizon: eat fast live longer programme suggested. And if I lose some body fat (not weight) along the way then that’d be cool too. 🙂

My next fast will probably be next Thursday or Friday.

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