How to improve what and how you EAT: part 1

As you might already know, I’ve recently got into reading and living by many of the principles The Smarter Science of Slim (SSoS) by Jonathan Bailor – see here for more information.

Inspired by the book, podcasts and the SSoS way of eating, I thought I’d get together a series of my own on: How to improve what and how you eat.


Debunking the Calorie Counting MythDo you count the calories you eat?  I don’t and never have.  I don’t have the time or the inclination to count calories or to make sure that I’m getting the right proportion of carbs, fat or protein.  I just eat. 😀

I mostly eat good, quality foods and sometimes have ‘bad’ stuff too, but on the whole I try to eat healthy.  I plan and prepare my food, and I eat small regular meals throughout the day.  It helps keep my 5 Ways to simplify calorie counting.metabolism high, prevents me from being hungry and prevents any mid afternoon slumps or crashes where I crave chocolate or sweet foods.  I drink lots of water throughout the day, don’t drink alcohol (thank god) and feel like I’ve got the balance right.

The only issue I see with my diet is that I tend to eat the same sorts of foods, and could do with a bit more variation, but apart from that, I think I’ve got it just about right for me and my energy needs.  I see food as being my fuel and I never limit how much food I eat – I only consider the quality of the food I eat and try to eat ‘good’ foods as opposed to ‘bad’ foods. See the table below:

From Smarter Science of Slim by Jonathan Bailor

Good foods:  Eat foods that are satisfying, that keep you fuller for longer and foods that are full of water, fibre, protein.

Think about it as you want to eat what comes from nature:  what our ancestors ate.  Vegetables: 10+ servings a day, seafood, lean meat, eggs, select dairy (cottage cheese, greek yoghurt), legumes, fruit (berries and citrus fruits the best), nuts (unsalted or peanut butter), seeds.

Bad foods:  Avoid sweet foods / sweetners, refined starches and have limited oils, wholegrain starch (pasta & rice) and diary.

For more information on what to eat, see:
A Smarter Science of Slim Quick Start Guide: 7 days of SANEity, by Jonathon Bailor.

Look out for the next three parts in this series:

2. How to Improve Your Nutrition
3. 10 Steps to Improving Your Nutrition
4. How to Improve How & What You Eat


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