Chest, shoulders, back and HIIT gym workout

Based on my blog post for my ‘LIFT for 1, hold it, LOWER for 5’ weights workout, I did a good 45 minute weights session then 10 minutes of Bike HIIT.

I tried heavier weights than normal and tried to focus on the lowering of the weights more than anything else.

Here’s today’s workout I did at the gym:

5 min warm up on the bike.

Chest triple superset, 3 x 8 & 30 secs
Barbell Chest Press: 30kg

Single arm dumbell row: 20kg
Power Jumps

Shoulders triple superset, 3 x 8 & 30 secs
Standing dumbell shoulder press: 10kg x 2
Alternating Front raises: 4kg x 2
Bench jumps

Back and Triceps triple superset, 3 x 8 & 30 secs
Lateral pulldown: 70lbs
Tricep dips
Suicide dips

Then I did some test work on the seated row machine, trying to lift the weight with both arms and lower it with one. Hard work!

Then with my remaining 10 mins I went on the bike and did the following HIIT workout to finish me off:

Bike: Level 8:
1 min warm up,
8 x 40 secs @ 100+ rpm, 20 secs recovery
1 min recovery

Breakfast was smoked haddock and tomatoes and a protein shake.

I can feel it a bit in my back and shoulders and will probably feel it a bit more tomorrow.

I can’t decide if I’m going to lie in or go for a run tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. What do you think I should do? 😕 🙂


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