What I eat…

Someone asked me yesterday what I eat, here goes:

Sometimes 500ml of water before breakfast.

Breakfast: Porridge & 400mls of protein shake (choconanna and cinnamon milkshake: banana, milk, chocolate protein powder, cinnamon, green tea extract if you want).

(another option for breakfast might be weetabix, and or wholemeal toast with mashed up banana and peanut butter. Or eggs).

11am snack: Left over protein shake (400mls)

1pm: Cinammon and raisin bagel with peanut butter strawberries and cottage cheese.

3pm: Melon and strawberries.

4pm: Tracker Bar (and maybe a muller rice but probably not).

5pm: Small lunch bowl: chicken, cucumber, tomato, chopped nuts, hard boiled egg, cheese, Greek yoghurt.

7pm: Various: baked potato and beans, chilli, fajitas, curry, soup.

Treat sometimes: Greek yoghurt (muller), dark thorntons chocolate, fruit.

As you can see I tend to eat little and often and I’ve found from eating the way I do I’m fuller for longer in the morning, and I tend not to get an afternoon slump. Oh and I take a centrum multi vitamin and an omega fish oil in the morning too.

Water to drink through out the day, milk on occasion. It seems to help me to fuel my exercise and maintain my weight too.

Everyone eats differently, what do you think of how I eat?


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3 Responses to What I eat…

  1. cmmercer says:

    peanut butter, strawberries, and cottage cheese?!?! That sounds like a hideous combination! 🙂

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