Kaizen Runners did our 5k!

Today our Kaizen Runners ran their 5k! They all did brilliantly.

Here’s us at the start line next to the Squigley Bridge just after 10:30 this morning:

Nicola, Pauline, Sandra, Steve, Mhairi, (me), Debs, Joy, Leigh and Carly.

Here’s the route we did:


Here’s us at the end:

And here are the results:

And here’s a video from Nicola and Debs about the whole Kaizen Runners Zero to 5k experience:

Debs and Nicola and quite a few others have signed up for our Run a Great 10k running course which starts this Tuesday (24th July).

If you’d like to sign up or if you know someone who would like to, go here:


Any questions, comment on this page and I’ll get back to you. 🙂

Last but not least, we’re having a night out on Friday 27th July:


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