A change will do you good

In few weeks I’ve changed the way (times & amounts), and what I eat.  Just to see… to see what happens.  To see how I feel, how my energy levels are and to see how I feel overall.

I took steps to have a large breakfast and have set things at each point in the day.  The foods were protein rich and included carbs and fat too.  I was eating partly the way that Jonathon Bailor in the Smarter Science of Slim suggests.

Eat Smart:  Eat SANE Foods: Satisfying, Agression, Nutrition, Efficiency.

Satiety is how quickly calories fill us up.
Aggression is how likely calories are to be stored as body fat.
Nutrition is how many vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, etc., calories provide.
Efficiency is how easily calories are converted into body fat.
SANE—or high quality, fat burning, and health promoting foods—are rich in water, fiber, and protein and are the basis of a Primal lifestyle: non-starchy vegetables, seafood, meat, eggs, berries, citrus, nuts, seeds, etc.

The more satifying, less agressive, more nutritious and more efficient a food is, the better it is for you.  Foods with water, fibre and protein are good SANE foods.

Read more here:  http://thesmarterscienceofslim.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/The-7-Day-Smarter-Science-of-Slim-Quick-Start-Guide-Final-formatted-for-ISSUU.pdf

What and when I eat

I eat healthily usually anyway, the only real change I made was to remove most refined sugars from my diet (mars bars snickers), although I still had chocolate protein powder in my daily protein milkshakes.

The idea of not eating sugars is that when you eat sugars, you increase your insulin.  You are putting the wrong type of food in, which is in turn preventing you from burning fat… in fact it makes you do the opposite – it makes you store fat.

Think of your body as a shower plug hole… water will go down ok, so will shampoo and body wash suds… but after time hair builds up and your shower drain gets blocked.  It’s the same with your body… when you put the wrong types of food in, you cause a clog and your body ends up storing fat.

So eat SANE foods, and your body will be efficient, work well and burn fat.

This week I made a change from eating the following at my regular times:

8am: Porridge & Fresh OJ
10am: Bagel and Nutella
12noon: Sandwich / Salad
2:30pm: Berries
3:30pm: Tracker Bar
4:30pm: Nutrigrain bar
5pm: Snack sized mars bar (hungry!)
7pm: Usual dinner: chicken or fish based.

By 10 o’clock in the morning I’d usually be starving and need a food fix.  I ate like that today, and I was hungry at 9:30am, starving by 10:30am!! (As opposed to just being a bit hungry 11 o’clock on the way I’m about to tell you I was eating).

A change will do me good:

Last week I changed my eating times and what I ate to this… eating more at the start of the day, taking in more protein rich foods, and changing what I eat when.  I found I was less hungry, but I was still seeming to eat the same amount (if not more) of food.

8am: Porridge & Choconanna & Cinammon Protein Shake.
11am: Left over Choconanna & Cinammon Protein Shake.
1pm: Bagel & Peanut Butter, strawberries & Cottage Cheese with pineapple.
3pm: Melon and strawberries.
5pm: Bowl of chicken, brocolli, coleslaw, hard boiled egg, tomato, cucumber, nuts, carrots, sultanas, geek yoghurt.
7pm: Dinner as above (chinese takeaway: swapped rice for mixed veg, tried to eat more protein rich foods and also have a balance of fat & carbs on my plate).
Optional snack: Greek yoghurt & fruit.

On the second version, I felt less hungry, and had less of a need to eat all the time.  I had better energy levels, and felt great.  I didn’t get an afternoon slump (I think because I didn’t have a large lunch, just some food to keep me going, and I had my lunch at 5pm to keep me going before my exercise at night).

I felt much better in myself, felt like I was putting the right things into my body, and was almost not even missing my mars bars and snickers bars!  I have to say there is a big box of them in a cupboard in the kitchen, but I’ve managed to stay away from them so, I must be doing something right.

I didn’t really bother much with my diet before… I just tried to eat healthily, but now I’m realising that what and when you eat has probably to do with 80% of how your body will be… fat or thin, clogged up or efficient.

Now for the recommendation

I’m not being sponsored, but I honestly think this book and idea could be life changing for people if they take it on board and act upon the ideas in it.

I’d recommend everyone buys and reads Jonathon Bailor’s Smarter Science of Slim (on Kindle or Paperback), or take a listen to his pod casts.  And here is an interview with him.

And have a think about your diet and what you put in to your body.  Garbage in, garbage out… or to be more positive: quality in, quality out.  🙂

Ditch the refined, manufactured foods and eat quality, real, good foods.  Eat as much good food as you want, and never be hungry again.  Burn fat, lose weight and become the person you want to.

Mix in Smart Exercise (High Intensity like this)… and you will become a fat burning machine, lower your weight and get your body to become efficient, healthy and well.  🙂 If you have any questions… let me know.  🙂

And for a good overview of his theories, go here: Ancient Wisdom Confirmed by Modern Science. I think it might just be the key to weight loss and healthy living.  🙂  (But I myself would probably do more exercise than he suggests, just because I love it so much!)

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4 Responses to A change will do you good

  1. joyce crawford says:

    Do you think that your SANE eating totalled more calories overall and that also added to your feeling of satiety?

    • lornpearson says:

      I think based on what I’ve been eating I think im eating less calories. There’s less hunger do less impulse to eat bad / high calorie foods. 🙂 seems to be working for me. Big breakfast, snack at lunch with protein shake in between, followed by water based fruit and a small chicken / egg salad type bowl at 5pm keeps me full of energy all day. And if I want something later, just a small dinner does. 🙂

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