Natural Selection

I read this recently and it made me think:

Luau is a great guy from America who posts about his running and Autism as his daughter Brooke has it.

I think his posts are often thought provoking and interesting.

He wrote recently about 7-elevens across the world getting instant mashed potatoes and gravy machines, plus large fizzy pop dispensers. He thought he should be outraged, upset, angry, but instead he said, bring em on.

Let people choose to eat crap food that makes them fat. And if the choose to become fat or obese, and don’t choose to eat the right foods, then we (got people who eat right) will most probably outlive them.

The only issue I may have (and he mentions in the comments) is that we’ll end up paying for those bad choices and obesity. But you could say the same for smoking and drinking. And I’m sure I’ll need the NHS in my lifetime, although most probably not in relation to obesity, smoking or drinking.

I thought this was quite controversial, but good. However, like drive thru cash machines, I hope the machines don’t come here!

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