Kazien Zero to 5k: 5k route!

This Sunday (22nd) it’s our Kaizen Runners 5k!  For the last 5+ weeks we’ve been building up to get our Kaizen Runners to run 5k non stop, and the day is nearly here.

Some of the Kaizen Runners did the route on Tuesday and most of them are now able to run the full distance non stop, which is a great achievement!  We have one coached run left before the big day, and another mid week run for them to complete, however I thought I’d get the route done.

Here are the kilometer points (see the km markers above):

  • Start line: The life belt at the Squigley Bridge.
  • 1km: Under the Kingston Bridge
  • 2km: At the end of Mavisbank Gardens
  • 3km: The start of the Millenium Bridge
  • 4km: Lancefield Quay where the path joins the Clydeside away from the road.
  • 5km & Finish!: The life belt at the Squigley Bridge.

We’ll all meet at the Marriott Hotel and warm up with a jog down to the start point at around 10:30am.

I’ve been really impressed with how far the Kaizen Runners have come… from running for 1 minute and walking for 1 minute, to now being able to run for more than 20 minutes non stop.  It’s been brilliant to watch.  🙂

We’ll do a practice run of the route on Tuesday where I’ll point out the km markers, and then the Kaizen Runners will do one more run on their own before the 5k on Sunday.

Then hopefully they’ll want to progress their running further and all sign up to the Run a Great 10k programme we’re running (from the 24th July).

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