Kaizen Run a Great 10k course starting

Well I’ve managed to get all of my Kaizen Runners on their way to running 5k. We plan to run 5k non stop next Sunday morning. And they’re all looking really good for it.

So here’s the next stage of running course: Run a great 10k!!

It’s for anyone who can run 5k or 30 minutes continuously and it will build up to run 10k in 6 weeks time, just in time for the Great Scottish Run 10k on the 2nd of September.

Are you interested or do you know anyone who might be? Spread the word. The course starts on Tuesday the 24th July and I’d love you to come along and join us.


The course runs from the Marriott Hotel on:

Tuesdays 1815
Sundays 1030

If you can only make run one a week you can pay half the course fee and just come along one day a week. 🙂

If you’ve any questions, let me know. 🙂

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