Rest, Recovery then Strength Workout

After a good week off training… resting… I’m now itching to get back to it.  But I’m going to refrain from any planned exercise and just take it as it comes.  This last week after the Barrathon I was tired… really tired.  Too much pro plus, a late night and over doing it made me feel totally knackered on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.    So much so I was nearly falling asleep mid afternoon on Monday… and Tuesday come to think of it. 

It seems travelling for 7 hours, chatting, running at 90% of my heart rate for 1:45 and partying and chatting late into the night then travelling back for 7 hours… took it out of me.  😉 

I decided on Sunday that I would take it easy for a fortnight.  I’d try to eat as well as I could and get as much sleep as possible.  This has meant early nights and naps when I can.  (Along with little exercise apart from that which I am commited to – Running Coaching).

And it seems to have worked.  I now can’t wait to get back into it.

Although I don’t have anything specific to train for, I’m going to ease myself in and aim to do the following over a week:

Run: Running Coaching x 2, 1 Run on my own (60 mins)
Circuits: 1 x 60 – 90 minute session of Circuits / Metafit
Strength: 1 x 50 minutes weights and strength work
Swim: 1 x 2000m
Rest: 1 – 2 days. (Thurs and Sunday)

Some weeks I’ll miss out some stuff in favour of more rest and sometimes I’ll increase some of the things I do in place of something else.  I’m aiming to eat well and get the fittest I’ve ever been. 🙂

It’s been good to rest (I rested Wed, Thu and Fri of last week too)… and hopefully next week will be much of the same with a few workouts interspersed before I get on with training as above.


Here is the strength workout I’m going to do tomorrow:
Warm up: 5 minutes (7 exercises, 30:6)
12 exercises repeated 3 times (1: 45:15, 2: 45:15, 3: 60:6)
(we’ll be doing option 1 tomorrow)

That should last about 45 minutes, then we’ll do some TRX:
(12 x 30:15) x 3 = 30 minutes.

That should do for a good Saturday morning workout! (and will hopefully tire me out again so I don’t want to do any more!)  🙂

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