The Barrathon is nearly here…!

Saturday will see one of my only events I have planned for this year… the Barrathon. I’m really getting excited now!  🙂

A half marathon around the island of Barra, it sold out in around 40 minutes!  It will take around 8 hours to get there (by car and boat)… and I’ve got lots of friends going (about 10) so it should be a good laugh.

We’re staying in the hostel at the start/finish line in Castlebay.  We’ll get there on Friday night, run on Saturday, and I think there is food and a ceiligh after it.  Then we’ll travel back on Sunday.  🙂

I’m in two minds how I want to run this event… most events in the past I’ve tried to run my fastest and beat pbs… but this year my focus has changed.


Some of my favourite and most enjoyable events have been where I’ve set other goals (other than speed based)… or where I’ve dressed up and just run and had fun.  And there will be plenty of people I know who I can run with and have great fun!

No matter how I choose to run, I’m going to be wearing my big Scotland flag as a cape and will probably wear bright colours.

So here are my two options… and it might just depend on the weather!

Option 1: Run and have fun with friends

I’ve run with others before in events, sometimes dressed up, sometimes not, and it really brings a different side to it.  It becomes a great laugh. You help each other along, you laugh and sometimes cry.  2 hours can be a long time, so why not spend it running with your best friends?!

I’ll have more chance to take it all in, the scenery, the experience, the atmosphere and the laughs.  Running with others might just make that long steep hill at the end a bit less scary too!

Option 2: Run as fast as I can and aim for a PB

Lorn of the past would have done this, but I think my mindset has changed in the last year or so. My PB is around 1:39 for a half marathon, but I’ve not really been training with a PB in mind.  If I were to run as fast as I could, I’d just run and see if I could pace myself to finish strong and fast.

Sure I’ve set up a Barrathon Pace Calculator (use it if you want, just enter your target time and print it off) and whilst I’m not going to let you know what my target time might be, I know how to pace myself across the whole race to hopefully get the time I want.  But is running as fast as I can as important as having a good time with friends?  I think I know the answer to that.  😉

Barrathon Weather

The weather for Barra on Saturday is forecast to be 11’C rain… great fun!!  I had thought that if it was bad weather that it woulod be the decider for me to run as fast as I could, but perhaps running with others, enjoying the experience together might be a bit more rewarding than beasting it and finishing as fast as I can… ?!

A little bit of rain never hurt anyone eh? 😉

I’m seriously thinking that I’ll do Option 1: Run and have fun with friends, however I have said that if it’s pouring rain and a howling gale…I might just try to run it as fast as I can to get it over with!  😉

What do you think?  Run and have fun or run as fast as my little legs will take me?  😉

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