The Smarter Science of Slim

I’m about to be off for a few days for my birthday… 🙂  After three days of sunshine and warmth rain is forecast though…so I’m not too pleased! 😦

Anyway, I thought I’d leave you with this.  I recently bought this book: The Smarter Science of Slim: What the actual experts have proven about weight loss, health and fitness.  The cover is pretty basic and ugly, but not to ‘judge a book by it’s cover’ the content is really good.

It was a bit of an outlay, over £20 for it, but so far it’s been a brilliant read.  I by no means need to lose weight, but I have done in the past, and I’m interested in how people can lose weight and how we can eat smarter and exercise smarter to get to our ideal weight.

A review on Amazon says this:

“I am often asked when there will be a proven prescription for weight loss. The Smarter Science of Slim is that prescription. Jonathan Bailor’s easy-to-understand and engaging style disguises an astonishing amount of otherwise incredibly complex scientific information. You will not realize you are learning so much because you will be so involved in what you are reading. The pages you are holding will change the way you feel and look faster than any pill ever could. It is incredibly rare to find anything as thoroughly researched and carefully analyzed yet so clearly and engagingly presented in the context of everyday living and eating. For anyone who has struggled with managing weight or maintaining energy, you do not need pills. You need this book.” – Dr. Theodoros Kelesidis, Harvard Medical School & Department of Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine

And I have to say, I agree.  Jonathon Bailor brings lots of complex scientific information together and makes it really easy to read.  Most of it just confirms what I know already, about insulin, carbs, protien and fat, and about how our recommended dietary guidelines appear to be wrong: focused too much on carbohydrates and not enough on what our bodies have evolved to eat (ie cave men /  hunter gatherers).

About how when you eat sugary foods, you insulin spikes and it prevents you from burning fat, in fact it makes you store any fat you consume.  How you become addicted to sugary foods so you want to eat them more and more.

It suggests that the ‘Naturally Balanced Diet’ is one third protein, one third fat and one third non starchy carbs.  It states that our current diet differs from the historic human’s diet where our current diet has been around for around 0.2% of our time.  The remaining 99.8% of human’s existance we ate like hunter gatherers/cave men.  Now we have developed and we’re eating starchy foods (pasta, wheat, grains, potatoes) which we have not evolved to eat.  The result?  Increasing Obesity and other conditions related to obesity.

The book also suggests that the best way to eat is to Eat Smarter: Non starchy Veg, Fish, Lean Meat, Berries, Citrus Fruits, Eggs, Milled Flax Seed, Nuts.  What our ancestors would have eaten. 🙂

It suggests that we all have a ‘set point’ of weight which fluctuates by around 10lbs.  And if we ‘eat smarter’, we can reduce that set point. Or if we eat as has been recommended we are at risk of ‘clogging’ our bodies up and not being able to burn fat… resulting in becoming overweight or obese.

The book suggests that the best way to exercise is to Exercise Smarter: Doing short bursts of exercise for limited periods of time: 30 secs hard, 2:00 minutes recovery, 4-5 times; 3-4 times a week.  I get this, I really do.  But I also like to run with friends and chat and spend time exercising.  I guess what the book is saying is that the method above is the proven best method to lose weight / fat. 🙂

I have to say, it all makes sense.  As much as I don’t need to lose weight, I’d like to Eat Smarter and Exercise Smarter.  So I will probably take quite a lot from this book.

I’ll still eat some carbs (to fuel my exercise), but try to make them non starchy and non processed (more from fruit and non starchy veg than from sweets and refined carbs).  I’ll try to eat more meat, fish and eggs… more protien and good fats.  More smoothies, more fruits, berries and nuts.

The book suggests bulk buying to save on time: Frozen Berries, Milled Flax Seed from online which should be an everyday ingredient, Fish, meat, non starchy veg.  If I want to go ahead with Eating Smarter, all of this will need to be bought and I’ll need to think about where I’m getting it from.  Today’s shops don’t particularly lend themselves well to buying this kind of stuff: real food.

Finally, there are quite a few good quotes in the book, here are the ones I like:

‘When my Grandmother was sixty she started walking 5 miles a day.  Now she’s 96 and we have no idea where she is.’

‘Sure wholegrains are better than processed grains, but that’s like saying one broken leg is better than two.’

‘The idea that you become fat from eating fat is just as silly as to say you become green by eating green veg.’

‘Good news, the FDA has approved pills that help you lose weight by making you feel full.  The recommended dosage is 5,000 pills a day.’

Is it worth shelling out £20 odd quid for it?  I think it is… it’s a really good, informative book which is easy to read and understand.  And my brother and Dad now want to borrow it and read it too!

My only issue with trying to ‘Eat Smarter’ is finding the right foods to buy and being able to fit them into my lifestyle.  I have a feeling I may need to be flexible with it until I get to grips with it.  And of course I’ll probably still keep my bagels as a staple part of my diet, how could I not?  😉

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5 Responses to The Smarter Science of Slim

  1. Robert Osfield says:

    I’d be dubious some of the science behind the book, in particular the prohibition on starchy foods rather my guess is that it overlooks a few scientific facts. Hunter gathers will have been eating starchy root vetagables as part of their staple, and the fact is very much part of our DNA – our saliva contains an enzyme specifically for breaking down starches, something that other primates don’t have. In the remaining hunter gather communities around the world you’ll find digging for starchy roots is a key source of food, much more reliable than hunting down food or less seasonal that fruits. So enjoy those carbs without guilt, we evolved to handle them just fine 🙂

    • lornpearson says:

      I’ll definately enjoy my carbs without guilt… just perhaps a bit less of the sweet refined versions! I need carbs to fuel my exercise… I guess we’ve all got to find out what works for us. I see a healthy balanced diet as just that… varied and balanced… with treats here and there. 🙂 Thanks for the comment. 🙂

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