Kaizen Runners Zero to 5k kicks off tonight!

Well tonight is the first meet of Kaizen Runners… I’ll be leading a group of runners with the aim for them to run a 5k in 6 weeks time! 

I’m very excited.  It’ll be a great for me to share my liking and knowledge of running and I’m sure it will be very rewarding too.  🙂

Zero to 5K: Wk1, Run 1
Tonight it’s the first introduction to walk run… so it will be a:

  • 5 minute warm up, then
  • 1 minute of running and 1 minute of walking… ten times. 
  • Then there will be a 5 minute cool down and some stretching!

Tonight’s Route

Kaizen Active is based in the Marriott Hotel smack bang in the middle of Glasgow.  Close to the Clyde and about a mile from Kelvingrove and Glasgow Green there are a few options for me to choose as our playground.

I did some recce runs on Sunday, Clydeside and Kelvingrove (8.5 mile all together)… and I had toyed with the idea of running to and around Kelvingrove tonight, but I think I’ll stay safe and run around the Clydeside instead.  🙂

This should be around 2.5 miles:

Kaizen Runners 2.5M Clydeside

Kaizen Runners 2.5M Clydeside

I know the area well and there aren’t too many road crossings. 🙂

Not your average running course 🙂
The people who have signed up for the Kaizen Runners course will get quite a bit more than just a few runs in the park / around the Clyde… 🙂 

Here are some of the things they’ll get:

  • A 6 week training plan, with 2 coached sessions and 1 on their own.
  • 12 coached sessions.
  • A detailed Kaizen Runners Beginners Guide to running.
  • Kaizen Runner Motivational messages emailed direct to them, 3 times a week.  🙂
  • Free parking, lockers, showers.

So far 15 have signed up, with some only doing Tuesdays and some only doing Sundays. 

Did I mention I’m really looking forward to it?  😀

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