Wk23 – Run last night, Strength Workout this morning


Last night I’d planned to run around 4 miles with my other half (Fit Girl)… we went out at around 6pm and we were enjoying it so much that 4 miles turned into 5, turned into 6 ended up being 10k. 🙂  The weather seemed pretty miserable from inside the flat, but once we got out it was fine, if a bit blowy.

It was a good run anyway and nice to be out running with Fit Girl again.  No knee pain for her so a good result all round.

Run: 10k, 53:07, Ave HR: 150 (80%), Max HR: 160 (85%), Garmin Training Effect: 3.8, Calories: 507


This morning was my first proper day back in the gym for a week or so.

I was getting a little fed up or used to my Strength routine of 3 sets of 12 reps across supersets for Legs and Back and Chest, Shoulders and Arms, so I decided I’d try and develop and change it a bit.

I took a week out of the gym last week and went back to it today.

I’m planning one weights session a week with 3 supersets working all areas of the body.  And at the end of the supersets, I’ll do a circuit of abs or plyometrics.

The thought is to do less reps, with more weight, hopefully.

Here’s what I did today:

Legs, Back, Shoulders, Arms and Abs
57:00, 388 Calories, Ave HR 132 (70%), Max HR 162 (86%),
 Garmin Training Effect: 2.7

5 min cardio warm up on bike.

17.5kg Barbell, Legs, Back, Shoulders
Squat > Good Morning > Press
2 x 5 reps to warm up
Then 3 x 5-8 reps / 30 secs for plyo
Squat > Good Morning > Press
Lunges (8 reps each leg)
Power Jumps (30 secs)

17.5kg Barbell, 2 x 10kg dumbbell: Back, Shoulders, Arms
Dumbbell Bent Over Row > Barbell Snatch > Dumbbell Deadlift
2 x 5 reps to warm up
Then 3 x 5-8 reps / 30 secs for plyo
Dumbbell Bent Over Row > Barbell Snatch > Dumbbell Deadlift
Barbell Bicep Curls
Mountain Climbers (30 secs)

Leg Press Machine: 240lbs – 260lbs
3 x 8-10 reps / 30 secs for plyo
Legs Press 240lbs, 240lbs, 260lbs
Calf Press 260lbs, 280lbs, 280lbs
Quick Jumps (30 secs)

Circuit of 8 abs exercises:
3 x 8, 30 secs work, 6 secs rest (no rest between circuits)
Side Bends Left (2 x 10kg dumbbells)
Side Bends Right (2 x 10kg dumbbells)
Medicine Ball Woodchop (10kg)
Leg Raise
Moving Plank
Side Plank
Plank Walk Up
Side Plank

The weights will take a bit of getting used to.  I’m trying to include more compound exerises and multiple exercises in my workout so that I get a more efficient workout.

By the second set of exercises I was sweating quite a bit, more than usual, so I must have been working hard. 🙂

I think for the my weights workouts I’ll try one warm up set of 10 reps, then a triple superset and go to failure on the last round of exercises.

On the leg press I find it hard to start off pushing that amount of weight, like my legs just won’t move the blocks, but once I get going it’s nice and challenging. There’s probably a knack to pushing the leg press, which I think involves engaging your heels in the push.

I was starting to feel sore in bits not so long after leaving the gym, arms and bum… so I’m guessing tomorrow might be interesting.

In order to avoid any DOMS, I’ve has quite a bit of protien rich foods this morning, here’s what I had for breakfast:

  • A small bowl of all bran
  • Two scrambled eggs with tomatoes
  • A milkshake smoothie with: 500mls milk, 1 chopped banana, a dollop of peanut butter, one raw egg.

I’d swayed about adding the raw egg… mixed in with the milkshake, I knew I wouldn’t taste it but I was a little concerned with the fact that it might not be good for me… I might look at getting some pasturised ones if I’m going to do it in future.

Here’s some more advice on eggs:  http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/Goodfood/Pages/eggs-nutrition.aspx

I’m stuffed from all that… I’m thinking I won’t need to eat much more today, but I’ve got my lunch box full of goodies for through out the day! 🙂 

Hopefuly all that food will help keep me going and maybe help some of my muscles repair too!

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