Wk23 – 2,000m swim before breakfast

This morning it was quite a thought to get up at 6:15am to be at the pool for 6:30ish… but I managed to get myself up and off to the pool ok… and I’m glad I did.

I swam 10 lengths full FC, then 10 lengths FC arms only with my paddles, and did it 4 times to make up 80 lengths.  Here’s how it went:

80 lengths, 2,000m, 39:21
10 lengths/ 250m FC: 4:25
10 lengths/ 250m FC pull only with paddles: 4:25
10 lengths/ 250m FC: 4:38
10 lengths/ 250m FC pull only with paddles: 4:39
10 lengths/ 250m FC: 4:43
10 lengths/ 250m FC pull only with paddles: 4:42
10 lengths/ 250m FC: 4:46
10 lengths/ 250m FC pull only with paddles: 4:38

I managed to be quite consistent although I did start to feel tired after about 40 lengths.  Once again it was pretty quiet, 2-3 people in the lane. 🙂

After almost an hour and a half of strength work /  circuits on Monday morning, I had quite a lot of achy parts so I thought a swim would do me good.  I had sore hamstrings mainly, however I realised when I was swimming my shoulders were also sore… every stroke for about the first 20 hurt just a little…. lol


Here’s what I did on Monday morning:

20 mins of TRX 8 exercises, 30 secs work, limited rest, repeated 8 times.
40 mins of class based circuit: warm up, 8 exercises, repeated twice then a short circuit at the end, mainly weights based.
20 mins of boxing.  🙂

After a week out of the gym… I was sore half way through the circuits class…. ouch.. and I had a feeling I’d be sore the next day or so.  It could have been worse, but my crumpled hamstrings led me to walk a bit funny… I’ve not been like that for a while!

Back to my swim today, my attempt at ‘eating lots to help me recover after my swim on Friday’ seemed to work, so this morning I repeated the feast after my swim and it’s seemed to help once more.

Here’s what I had this morning:

During and after swim: 750ml water
8am: Porridge & blueberries, Toast with peanut butter and melon slices, Milkshake with banana, peanut butter, melon and blueberries (300mls).
10am: More water
11am: The rest of the milkshake concoction (500mls)
12 noon: Bagel with cottage cheese, more water.

Wednesday evening should be a night for running, but I have some stuff to do so I’m giving it a miss.  I’ll be up early for a run on Thursday morning and the plan is to go back into the gym after a week or so off it on Friday morning. 

Then I have my running course on Saturday so that’ll be a rest day… not sure if I’m going to train on Sunday or not yet, I’ll see how I feel.

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