Wk22 – 2,000m swim and EAT EAT EAT

Yesterday I put a poll on my blog asking if I should run or swim this morning.  They got one vote each. :-/

So I decided I’d swim. Swimming does tend to take it out of me though, and usually by 3pm after an early morning swim, I’m gubbed!

So I’m doing a little experiment this morning. 🙂  I’m going to aim to hydrate and fuel up as much as possible over the day and see if that helps.

I swam my 2,000m / 80 lengths at just after 630am and had around 500mls of water.

Then I had…

For Breakfast:

2 slices of wholemeal toast with peanut butter and a mashed up banana on it.
250mls of a banana, peanut butter and cashew nut milkshake
300mls water

After eating all that I felt utterly stuffed! But perhaps it will help fuel the swim I did and keep me energised for the rest of the day.

I have the remaining food left for today (which I may or may not get through… probably not):

Bagel and cottage cheese.
Another 500mls of the banana, peanut butter and nut milkshake,
An egg and cheese salad.
Greek yoghurt.
Cashew Nuts.
Snack sized mars bar (I’ll try not to eat this unless I take a dip).

A lot of that food, plus plenty of water should keep me going hopefully.  Fuel my swim.  🙂

Here’s what I did today in the swim:

2,000m, 80 lengths, 41:29, 486 calories
(25 seconds faster than Monday, but today I wasn’t swimming with weights)
10 lengths: FC Swim: 4:25
10 lengths: FC arms only: 4:37
10 lengths: FC swim: 4:32
10 lengths: FC arms only: 4:46
10 lengths: FC swim: 4:30
10 lengths: FC arms only: 4:49
10 lengths: FC swim: 4:31
10 lengths: FC arms only: 4:34

Usual lane etiquette stuff, most people in the lane (2-3 others swimming in the lane) were courteous.  In fact I think it was the same swimmers as on Monday.

But I did nearly have a crash when I overtook a big guy at the end of a lane.  I was overtaking him to turn at the wall, and he was moving into that space… = squished Lorn.  :-/ 

I wish people would be aware of who’s around them an behind them when they swim so that they know when to move over or not.  (I stopped a few times to let a woman who was faster than me pass).  It’s simple manners and etiquette!

Hey ho.  A good swim anyway.  I wonder if eating all this food will help my energy levels? 

Do you get tired or dehydrated after a fast swim?  How do you keep your energy levels up?

And finally… here’s the picture on our calendar fro June… 🙂  I think his goggles are a bit big. 😉

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