Tips for running in hot weather

I have to say, running in the warm weather is a bit of a challenge. You really need to be careful not to overdo it. Today I ran 11 miles in the sun, and I was using my heart rate as a check to make sure I wasn’t over doing it.

Good luck to the runners doing the Edinburgh marathon in that heat tomorrow. I don’t think I’d want to run an event in that weather!

I got together these tips for running and event in the heat / sun:I got together these tips

> Try and start slower and if you can pick the pace up as you go if you want to.
> Conserve your energy.
> Run at an easy pace and try not to get wound up with trying to run your fastest.
> Be careful not to overdo it.
> Hydrate. Take a water lack of possible and taken water regularly.
> Take on energy.
> Wear sun screen and shorts and a vest. Maybe a cap.
> If you start to find it hard, slow the pace down or walk.
> You might not get a pb, but try to enjoy the experience. Look around you. Take it all in. > Offer help and encouragement to others who are maybe struggling.
> Most of all, have fun and enjoy it. 🙂

Good luck if you’re running tomorrow. 😀

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