11 miles through 5 parks in the sun!

I didn’t know where I was going to run today. Normally I have a route and an idea of what distance and pace I’ll run, but today I just left it to chance. Run how I feel and go where I wanted. It was good.

It was about 25’C. Sunny and warm with a nice warm breeze. I left a bottle of water near Pollok Park so that I could have it maybe 5 or 6 miles into my run.

Here’s what happened on my run:

> I ran through 5 parks.
> Plantation, Bellahouston, Pollok, Maxwell, Festival.> I got chased by a tiny dog.
> I looped through Bella Park.
> Spoke to a man who had two massive digital SLR cameras and asked him why he needed two. The answer? He was working.
> I stopped to drink the bottle of water I’d left: 1 hour in.
> I was offered to use a hedge trimmer by a man in the garden where I left my bottle.
> I got hit in the face by a beach bring blown in the wind.
> I ran with my heart rate below 150 for most of the way, which led to just just under 9 min miles for most of the way.
> I finished with a fast 7:30 minute mile and pushed my heart rate up.

I have to say, running in the warm weather is a bit of a challenge. You really need to be careful not to overdo it. That’s why I was using my heart rate as a check to make sure I wasn’t over doing it.

Good luck to the runners doing the Edinburgh marathon in that heat tomorrow. I don’t think I’d want to run an event in that weather!

Garmin: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/182146203

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