Why use compound exercises?

Do you go to the gym and spend an hour to an hour and a half lifting weights?  You could be wasting your time. The key to doing weights and getting them to work well for you is to work at high intensities in short bursts with limited rest.  Don’t be one of those people who stand or sit around watching others or getting your breath back.  Get into it. Work hard with limited rest and you’ll get results.

Do compound exercises.  Don’t do isolation exercises.  Toned arms do not come from barbell curls or triceps pushdowns. Great legs don’t come from leg extensions and leg curls.

The key to efficiently building quality muscle is to ditch the isolation exercises and start replacing them with compound exercises.

Why are Compound Exercises the Best for Building Muscle?
Compound exercises work many muscle groups at one time. Isolation exercises, on the other hand, work a single muscle. Because of this, you can get a greater amount of work done in a shorter amount of time. In addition, since compound exercises work several muscle groups at once, they help you to improve your insulin sensitivity. By depleting glycogen stores in several muscles, you enable your body to keep insulin levels low the rest of the day so that fatty acid mobilisation can occur.

Compound exercises also cause a positive hormonal response that is beneficial towards building muscle. Hormones like testosterone and growth hormone are boosted in response to a set of squats. Doing a set of squats will activate every muscle from head to toe. It forces you to have a high intensity workout, which is key for both muscle building and fat loss.

Toned arms are not made with isolation curls, they are made with heaving rowing and pressing movements. A bench press is going to do more for your arms than any triceps kickbacks or pushdown will do. The same goes for your legs. You can sit on the leg extension machine trying to build great quads, and you might get a great pump and burn from it, but nothing is going to build great legs like squats will.

Isolation exercises have their place. However, they should not be the core of your workout. You will build all the muscle you need, and in a faster amount of time, if you would just stick to the core compound exercises.

Best Compound Exercises
The list of compound exercises is long, but there are a dozen or so core movements that you can incorporate that will make a big impact. These core movements also have several variations to them. You can change the resistance curve by adding bands or chains, or you can change hand positioning to target slightly different muscles. Here’s a list of compound exercises you should consider adding into your workout program.

■Bench Press
■Good Mornings
■Military / Shoulder Press
■Barbell Rows
■Front Squats
■Incline Press
■Stiff Legged Deadlifts

Whether you’re a male or female, these principles still apply. There is no best exercise for a girl or best exercise for a guy. Muscle is muscle, and it grows the same regardless of gender. Men might have an easier time putting on muscle because of their hormonal profile, but that just makes it even more important that women take advantage of compound exercises.

 For my weights / strength workouts go here.

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