Cockadoodle doo! New alarm clock

This is my alarm clock. It’s special to me as it was my Dad’s before it was mine. It must be about the same age as me. He gave it to me around 8 years ago when I moved in to my new flat (and he’d bought an upgraded model).

As its around 30 years old, it’s pretty basic, but still a good Sony radio alarm clock.

Here are the pros:

+ The sound quality is good.
+ It’s easy to use.
+ It’s a good model for its time.
+ Sentimentality: I like it as I remember it as waking up my Dad for all those years. 🙂

And cons:

– It only plays the radio or a beep to wake you up.
– It was made well before Apple Macs, computers or iPhones were invented so it won’t let you dock or charge an iPhone.
– its starting to look old (aren’t we all 😉 )
– It doesn’t have a 24 hour clock only AM and PM. Which (along with me setting the alarm incorrectly for PM) has led me to sleep in twice.

Time for an upgrade

On Friday night I set my alarm for 7:00 as I had arranged to go for a long run with my friend. I was going to meet her at 8:30am, and I woke at 9:07am in a bit of a shock.

I jumped up and realised I had set the alarm for 7:00PM. 😦 I managed to rearrange the run, but I decided it was maybe time to get a 24 hour alarm clock. :-/

So what do I want in an alarm clock?

: A modern alarm clock.
: Able to wake me up with various methods: radio, nature sounds, light, iPhone.
: An iPhone dock perhaps.
: 24 hour clock.
: A good make.
: Smallish to fit in where the old Sony cube alarm clock fitted.
: Budget: £20-£60.

What kind of alarm clock have I been looking at?

I’ve had a look at what’s on the market, and have heard that the daylight alarm clocks have a nice way of gently waking you up.

I’m not sure if they would wake me up properly, and a lot of the reviews say that they’re either very expensive, the buttons (of the Lumie ones) are bulky, noisy and badly made, and that some ding have replaceable bulbs (Phillips).

Above is the entry level Lumie one. £60, 4 stars on Amazon.

And the best level up, at £100 was just a little (a lot in fact) above what I wanted to pay.

I looked at Phillips, but I still wasn’t convinced by light alarm clocks. I like the idea of being woken up by light, but something just wasn’t sitting right with me. The price is still a bit steep too (and it only has 3.5 Anazon stars).

I was also thinking there would be better modern makes out there with all the mod cons you can expect from alarm clocks circa 2012. 🙂

So here’s what I went for:

I had a look in Comet and Currys today and bond of the alarm clocks there really tucked the boxes.

That was until I came across this:

The Sony ICF-CL75iP. 🙂

Here’s the functions it has:


: iPhone docking station which hides away when you don’t use it.
: Good Sony make that I’m used to.
: All the mod cons, DAB digital radio, 24 hr clock, able to play pictures and videos.

It RRPs at £169 on, and it was £120 in Currys. £95 on Amazon, but I managed to find one on Amazon for £55. 🙂

3.5 Amazon stars, but most of the reviews were very positive, so fingers crossed it’ll be worth it.

What about being woken up by light?

I still like the idea of being woken up by light, so I’m going to try this as well.

A simple timer from my drawer. Set up to turn my bedside light on at 6am each morning. 🙂 I’ll have time timer switch handy so I can change it, but I’m hoping it might work. Then I can see how my new Sony alarm clock will work along side it or in place of it if the light up doesn’t work. 🙂

Wake up to the sound of birdies anyone?? 😀

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