My Women’s 10k Pacing Results

Well… I paced at the Women’s 10k yesterday and had the job o trying to run as steady a pace as possible and finishing in 50 minutes.

Here’s the link to my Garmin details:

Women’s 10k 2012, Pace Maker 50 minutes

Quite a few people asked me if I managed to do it in 50 minutes, and I’m pleased to say I did! I was on target with 8:04 minute miles on average up to the last straight, the last 0.2 miles, or 0.3 miles on my Garmin ( I must have taken a long route ).

Thanks to my friend Cris for taking this photo in Pollok Park. 😀

On the last straight along Mosspark Boulevard I slowed right down and tried to encourage runners to stay strong right until they crossed the finish line. After 6.3 miles I’d run for 51:16 minutes. And at the 10k point I had been running for 50:15. 🙂

I planned on running a little quicker at the start, then slowed my pace towards the end of the race. I had an average pace field on my Garmin and my Pace, distance and time on the fields on my Garmin. Other Pace Makers used the virtual partners, but I liked to see the four screens to make judgements on how fast or slow I should go.

It was a little hard sometimes when you’d either need to stop talking to people as you were going off pace, or you’d have to weave in and out of people to keep pace.

Here are my pace splits (aiming for 8:04s roughly):

1: 8:01
2: 8:01
3: 8:09
4: 8:02
5: 8:09
6: 8:05
0.3: 9:28
Time for 10k: 50:15

My average HR was 158 (83%) and my max HR was 173 (91%) at the top of the hill in Pollok Park. 🙂

I hope I did a good job of encouraging people and I’d definately be up for pace making again.

The Results for the Ignis Management Glasgow Women’s 10k are here. You might be able to see some photos of the event at Marathon photos here. 🙂 Or check out the Evening Times. the bumper photo edition of the Evening Times is out on Tuesday 15th May.

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