My hill running tips helped! :-)

A few days before the Glasgow Women’s 10k I was getting a few searches going to my blog about the hills in Pollok Park.

So I decided to write this post to help anyone who was worried about the hills or the route:

3 days to go until the Glasgow Women’s 10k

It details the route and where the hills are, but perhaps most importantly i gave quite a few tips for how to handle the hills.

The main tip I use when running uphill is not to look at the top of the hill, but to look down and tell myself it’s flat. Positive self talk: and it works! 🙂

As I was running the hills trying to keep to my set pace, I shouted out my tips: ‘tell yourself it’s flat!’ ‘it’s not a hill, it’s flat’, and I gave a lady who was walking the thumbs up and she mysteriously started running again! Like I’d given her the energy to keep going. 🙂 I also let everyone know when the second uphill was over and told people where the downhills were. 😀

Then tonight I got this really nice post on my Facebook page from Michelle Sinclair who did brilliantly and finished her first 10k on Sunday in just over the hour:


I’m glad my post helped. 🙂

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