Women’s 10k pacing test: 50 minutes

This morning I planned to test my pacing for a 50 minute 10k for the Glasgow Women’s 10k on Sunday. (Here’s the information leaflet for the event).

I was lucky enough to be chosen to pace did the event after Debs posted it on Facebook for anyone able to pace either 50 or 55 minutes to get in touch with the organisers. I did, and I’m doing it on Sunday. 🙂

I’ve not really run for around 3 weeks, letting my achillies swelling go down and the thought of getting up for 630 wasn’t too appealing especially as I’d only got 5 hours sleep. But I was ok once I got out the door.

I ran for two minutes trying to regulate my pace to about 8 minute miles, then changed one of the fields on my garmin to avg pace for the run. That seemed to help.

It was a little tricky not to go too fast at the start, but after a while I settled so my pace was just under 8 min mile pace. I kept it there for about 3-4 miles, then when it came to the hill in Pollok Park I slowed a little.

It was beautiful running through the park, the sun was streaming through the trees, the birds were singing. Just gorgeous. It made me very glad I got up out of bed and made me feel very fortunate I can do this.

I ended with a rather successful 49:45 for 10k covering most of the route.

I figure that most people who run the 10k at 50 minute pace might run positive splits, (faster over the first half, slower on the second half) especially with the hill in Pollok Park at 4-5 miles in, and horrible Dumbreck Road at the end, so if I’m a little faster at the start, and slower at the end that’ll maybe reflect the way most people run. It’ll also give anyone who overtakes me (running slightly slower) in the second half a good boost to overtake me.

It’ll allow people to aim for me if they want to beat 50 minutes! And if I’m slightly under 50 like I was today, I’ll slow towards the finish and encourage runners to over take me.

It takes a bit of skill (and a clever garmin for me) to stick to one pace and not get carried away, but I know I’m going to do it well and enjoy it. It’s my job to run at one pace and I’ll be pleased to do it to help others hopefully achieve their goal. 🙂

I’m really looking forward to it!

Here’s the Garmin link to my run this morning and my heart rate and pacing for it is below.  🙂 4.5 on the Garmin Trainin Effect scale.  😀

Here are my posts from the women’s 10k in previous years:

2009: 10k in 48:33!
2010: Fairytale 10k (1:36, £500 raised for Parkinsons)
2011: Glasgow Women’s 10k! PB! 44:15

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3 Responses to Women’s 10k pacing test: 50 minutes

  1. dubzter says:

    That’s something I just can’t do, I just about always end up with positive splits. I suppose I will learn over time how to pace myself properly.

    • lornpearson says:

      It just takes a bit of practice and a few times entering events to get a feel for the course and route etc. To get a negative split you need to try to conserve and start out slower, then by the half way point hopefully you’ll have lots left in the tank to beast it and do the second half faster. It’s such a motivational way to run because just when others are fading around you, you pick up the pace and overtake lots of people! 🙂

    • lornpearson says:

      Here you go Alan, perhaps this might be of some inspiration for you… 🙂 My first official 10k race from May 2009. I ran the first half with my other half, then itching to get going I ran the last half on my own: https://lornpearsontrains.wordpress.com/2009/05/11/10k-in-4833/

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