Heart rate monitor stopped working?

I’ve had my Garmin Heart Rate monitor for about 3 years now and on Saturday it stopped working.

No harm done though, it’s just the battery finally ran out. It’s usually the same battery all heart rate monitors (and some watches) use: a lithium CR2032 like the one below:

I bought a batch when my other heart rate monitor died. 🙂

I replaced the battery in my Garmin Heart Rate monitor and it works fine now. It’s pretty sad, but I’ve got so used to checking my heart rate when I train, I kind of felt a bit lost on Saturday when I was doing circuits. I know where my heart rate should be, and I know how I should feel.

But I didnt feel too good on Saturday, I guess my heart rate monitor would have told ms either: ‘you’re working too hard, slow it down’, or ‘you’re working just fine, it’s all in your head. Get on with it!’

I thought I’d write a little bit about my heart rate monitor strap too. Perhaps this will annoy anyone who is fighting to lose weight (sorry!), but since I’ve lost weight (27lbs in 4 years) I’ve also lost around 5-8cm off my chest.

The area where my heart rate monitor sits has obviously shrunk and it means that my heart rate monitor strap is too big now! You can buy a smaller strap from Garmin, but I opted for this:

Pinning the strap to be the right size. I guess it would only be needed for small women (<32 inch) but I thought I’d put it out there anyway. 🙂

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