Hard work circuits!

I had planned to do about an hour of circuits then run 10k home today, but I was aware that I’d just given blood on Thursday night, so I’d I felt tired or not myself, I’d skip the run.

And I did. I felt tired straight away. Not tired as in I want to sleep, but strangely for me out of breath doing the warm up. Like I couldn’t get enough oxygen in. Well, I do have less blood in my system so maybe that’s what it is.

I was gubbed from the word go anyway. Lol. My heart rate monitor wasn’t picking up the signal either so I couldn’t tell just how fast my heart was going (or not). I think I might have worn out the battery on it. 😉

They have a new sound system in the room at Bella now and I was able to link up my iPhone with my Tabata HIIT app for the timings which was good. 🙂

Anyway, Here’s what we did:

Warm up: 7 plyometric exercises
repeated 3 times.
Circuits of work:rest: 30:10, 30:6, 45:6
Sprints/ jumps
Power squats
Box jumps
High knees
Butt kicks
Suicide drills
Mummy kicks

Set 1: 8 ViPR exercises
repeated 3 times.
Circuits of work:rest: 30:10, 30:6, 45:6Sprints

ViPR lateral floor lifts
Cylinder lift
Thread the needle
Row the boat lunges
Row to press
ViPR burpees

Set 2: 8 Plyometric exercises
repeated 3 times.

Circuits of of work:rest: 30:10, 30:6, 45:6
Football wide sprints
Basketball jumps
Alternating box jumps
Cross jacks
Level 1 drills
Ski abs
In and outs

It lasted a whole hour and by the time we were finished there was absolutely no way I was running anywhere! Lol

I got home and had a bagel, nutella and peanut butter and mars bar milkshake, so hopefully that’ll help me recover. 🙂

I’ll probably take Sunday and Monday (bank holiday) as rest days now just to let my body recover totally.

Next week should look something like this:

Mon: rest
Tues: 8-10M long run
Wed: upper and plyo (yoga at lunchtime)
Thu: 5M easy
Fri: lower and abs
Sat: rest or circuits
Sun: Pacing at the women’s 10k


My partner is off to buy a new car today, so I’m going to play the salesmen off each other and hopefully save her a bit of money. Play them at their own game. 🙂 wish me luck x

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