My 19th pint of blood given

Tonight I went along to the Glasgow Blood Donor Centre just off Buchanan Street to give my 19th pint of blood. 🙂

The Glasgow Blood Donor Centre is just to the right of Buchanan Street as you are going down it. Across from the church. The opening times are above.

I went in at 18:30 and by 19:15 I was out of there having given a pint of blood, chatted to a nice nurse called Barbara.

I’ve actually been attended to by her before. She’s going on holiday to San Francisco and couldn’t wait to talk to me about it when she saw I was wearing my San Francisco 49ers Tshirt. 🙂

My blood levels were 13.7 this time. I made sure I ate a good dinner before I went in. And had a customary tunnocks tea cake and black currant diluting juice for afters.

Whilst I was there I signed up for the Blood Donor 24 scheme where you are basically on hand with 24 hours notice to donate if need be.

You can find out more about it by googling ‘Blood Donor 24 Emergency’ or read below:

I’m a bit tired now, so early night and definite rest day tomorrow for me!

I’ve eaten a lot and drunk a lot today so hopefully I’ll be ok after giving blood. 🙂 sleep should help me recover too.

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