Chest, Shoulders, Arms & Plyoboxfit

This morning I went to the gym before I started my day, to do one hour of upper body work and Plyometrics.

I went into the Functional Training Zone at Bellahouston and worked on my shoulders, chest and arms before going onto do a circuit of Plyometrics mixed with boxing. 🙂 or Plyoboxfit lol

I ended up doing:

5 mind cardio on bike.

Weights: 3 supersets of 30 secs work: 15 secs rest

Barbell Chest Press 20kg
Barbell Snatch and Press 15kg
Switch kicks

Barbell Tricep extension 10kg
Barbell Tricep Press 10kg
Barbell Bicep Curl 10kg
Power Jumps

Cable flye 28kg
Cable shoulder press 18kg
Mountain climbers

Then onto my circuit of Plyoboxfit: 1 Plyometric exercise, followed by boxing, 6 times. And I repeated the circuit twice: 30 secs work: 6 secs rest:

Power Squats
Upper cuts
Box Jumps
Fast punching shoulder height
Switch kicks
Fast punching above eye level
Suicide drills
Upper cuts
Frog jumps
Fast punching shoulder height
Level 1 drills
Fast punching above eye level.

All in all a good workout. 🙂 porridge and a protein shake for afters.

1hr, 389 calories.
Ave HR: 128, Max HR: 164, Garmin Training Effect: 2.7

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