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Take pride and have faith

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Updated Strength Page

I’ve got around to updating my Strength page with the Strength workouts I’ve been doing.  A mixture of cardio warm up, weights and plyo, and abs, plyo or kettlebell, my Strength workout is designed to challenge you, make you work … Continue reading

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So you think you can run a marathon?

Just in time for the London Marathon, the BBC Scotland has got an article and a radio show together about it, which is quite interesting. And if you want to hear more about running a marathon, here’s the radio … Continue reading

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Smack my punch bag up!

Today we did a circuit of boxing with punch bags at Bellahouston TRX room. Great fun and a great workout. 🙂 You could do it on your own or with two others. It’s really simple workout, and you can work … Continue reading

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‘Like’ my page on Facebook!

If you’re on Facebook and you like what you see here, why not ‘Like’ my Lorn Pearson Trains Facebook Page? If you Like my Facebook page you’ll get automatic updates on your Facebook Newsfeed when I post to this blog, … Continue reading

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Goal Setting and Motivation

Many people will be running the London Marathon this weekend, and other events including quite a few across Scotland.  But how do we remain motivated and achieve the goals we set? Top coaches know that being psychologically motivated is important … Continue reading

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My breakfast for champs :-)

Here’s what I’m having after my Friday morning strength workout: Porridge, wholemeal toast with mushed up banana, 1 chocolate protein shake. 🙂

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Legs, Back & Kettlebell workout

I got together a more refined strength programme for myself this week.  It’s still based on: 45 mins – an hour of strength work mixed with Plyometrics: 1. 5 mins cardio warm up. 2. The weights and plyo is around … Continue reading

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Carbo Loading: Are you doing it right?

I thought I’d get this together for a good friend of mine Cris who is running the London marathon this weekend.  If you are reading this Cris… (or if you are anyone doing the London marathon this weekend)… good luck!  🙂  … Continue reading

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Amazing Abs Circuit

Try this challenging and amazing abs circuit to challenge you and get you closer to that six pack in just under 21 minutes! Lots of planks, side bends and gym ball work. I used the Tabata HIIT app for the timings. … Continue reading

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