New ViPR Workout

Inspired by the new Function Zone at Bellahouston and the new abundance of equipment in there… I figured it would be a good idea to get to know some of the equipment and get some good workouts from them. 🙂

Here are the kinds of workouts I’m thinking of:


I’m good with the top 4 types of workouts above but could spend some time getting to know ViPR and TRX a little more.

Here’s a bit about the ViPR:

It may look like a humble rubber tube but ViPR (‘viper’) is an extremely effective training tool.  Virtually indestructible and incredibly functional, ViPR has already made its mark in gyms, in instructor circles and in the media.

The battering-ram-like ViPR (“Vitality, performance and reconditioning”) is that rare thing: a seemingly faddy piece of equipment that actually works. With the ViPR, every exercise can become a core exercise, a balance exercise and an agility exercise.

And here’s the home of ViPR fit for more information.

There are some exercises here at Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness here, however I thought I’d get my own together, so here goes:

L = Light
M = Medium
H = Heavy

I’ve done it so that you can do a circuit of 6, 8, 10 or 12 and the idea is to do the circuit between 1-6 times for a good full body workout. 🙂

Thanks to Andy at the gym for helping me out with most of the exercise ideas!

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