Marathon death inspires mass donations

This is a bit of sad story… Marathon death donations rocket… the story of 30 year old Claire Squires who died after completing 25 miles of the marathon. She was running the marathon for fun and to raise money for the Samaritans. She wanted to change lives, and I’m sure the donations she’s received certainly will.

As at Monday evening (23rd April) Claire’s just giving page has raised well over £100,000 and will no doubt raise a lot more. Click the link here if you’d like to donate or see how much has been donated.

Claire Squires was the first woman to die whilst taking part in the London Marathon which has taken place 32 times. They are still to confirm the reason for her death, however 7 of the total of 11 fatalities in the race were related to heart diseases, two suffered brain haemorrhages and one died due to drinking too much water (hyponatremia).

Up to 37.500 took part in the London Marathon this year and following Claire’s death, and the marathon the BBC got together an interesting articles about the risks of running a marathon.

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