Legs, Back & Kettlebell workout

I got together a more refined strength programme for myself this week.  It’s still based on:

45 mins – an hour of strength work mixed with Plyometrics:

1. 5 mins cardio warm up.
2. The weights and plyo is around 30 mins long:
30 secs work: 15 secs rest
Triple supersets
Legs and back one day.
Chest, shoulders and arms another day.
3. Then there’s an option of 20 mins of circuits of either:


30 secs work: 6 secs rest, 3 circuits

Here’s the legs and back triple supersets I have to choose from:


Tomorrow I’m planning on doing an hour workout before breakfast:

5 mins cardio warm up

35 mins legs: 4 triple supersets:
30 secs work: 15 secs rest.
Legs: 1, 2, 5,
Back: 2
(see exercise descriptions in picture above)

20 mins kettlebell: 10 exercises, 30 secs work, 6 secs rest, 3 repeats.

Kettlebell will be:

Squat press
Torso circles
Press ups
Double arm row
Squat figure 8s
Double arm swing
Mountain climbers
Sumo squat

Timings done with the Tabata HIIT app:

Then a milkshake and porridge for afters. 🙂


Update: here’s my HR graph from the morning I did the workout (Fri 20th Apr:)

Calories: 425, Avg HR: 69%, Max HR: 84%, Garmin Training Effectt: 2.9

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