Amazing Abs Circuit

Try this challenging and amazing abs circuit to challenge you and get you closer to that six pack in just under 21 minutes!

Lots of planks, side bends and gym ball work. I used the Tabata HIIT app for the timings. (33 reps, 30 secs work, 6 secs rest).

Lorn’s Amazing Abs Circuit

10 exercises: 21 minutes
30 secs work: 6 secs rest
Repeat exercises one after the other
3 circuits, 30 seconds rest between circuits:

Side bends left (2 x 10kg dumbbells optional)
Side bends right (2 x 10kg dumbbells optional)
Moving plank
Side / star plank
Plank with steps (feet stepping out to side then back in)
Gym ball jack knife
Gym ball back extension
Moving plank
Side / star plank (other side)
Plank walk up

It should take just under 21 minutes and really challenge you. 🙂

I did if today. Owy owy owy! 😀

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