Can you suggest a good energy gel?

So… I’m thinking about veering away from my usual trusty SIS caffeine energy gel…. (and caffeine all together), but I don’t know of any other energy gels that I like quite as much (taste, texture, energy wise). I’ve tried others, power shots, other SIS go gels… none quite match up and usually have a pungent aftertaste.

Whilst the caffeine gels are berry flavoured, its a think it’s palatable flavour, I just want to come off the caffeine side of things. 😉

The kind of energy gels I’m after are the ones you run with, to keep your glycoen topped up over 10-26+ miles. 🙂

I’m looking for a nice tasting (if possible) energy gel, which isn’t too damaging on the bank balance… or even a home made suggestion.

Any ideas my lovely readers? What source of energy / energy gels do you use on long runs?

Just post a comment, or email me your suggestions. 🙂

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