Day 1 on the West Highland Way

Day 1 on the West Highland Way and it was… challenging, but fun. 🙂

I’m going to do a full review of the walk once I’ve finished. But I thought I’d give you a quick update. 🙂

We left Milngavie just after half 8 in driving snow and wind. as the day went on, it brightened up but it was still windy.

We got blown UP Conic Hill, which was helpful and fun, then on the way down our phrase of the day was:

> ‘Crazy as a coconut!’

And yes, it was a description of me before you ask. We were having great fun and we happy after 18 miles or 6 hours to be descending into Balmaha. The views over Loch Lomond were amazing. :-)…

We decided not go to the top of Conic Hill and to stick to the path. And after just over 7 hours of walking, or 19.5 miles, we got to the Oak Tree Inn at Balmaha. 🙂 Easy peasy! 😉

We saw lots of sheep and ‘lambies’, a few pheasants, some cows, some dogs, couple of farmers and some horses.

And we passed one guy at Gartnress and a couple at Conic Hill. Oh and a runner (in shorts and Tshirt, and with no supplies or hat etc!) before Conic Hill too.

Tomorrow we might see some stinky hill goats and who knows what else.

Over the course of the day, I ate plenty: porridge, banana, bagel and nutella and a snack sized Mars bar to help me work rest and play… ;-)…lunch: a sandwich, crisps and a triple chocolate muffin that Fit Girl got me as a surprise from Costa (yum!!)…

… Then once we got to the Oak Tree Inn I had a for goodness shakes milkshake and some chocolate. 😀 We had a short nap then I had a really good flat iron steak, medium done. Very tasty indeed! 🙂

I’m not too sore either which is good. Although we maybe shouldn’t have done a strength workout yesterday as I’m feeling it in my back and sides. Lol. My feet are ok and I’ve not got any blisters, phew!

Day 2 is Balmaha to Beinglas. It should be 20.5 miles along the East side of Loch Lomond.

Fingers crossed the bad weather is behind us and we’ll get to enjoy a little less wind and snow, and perhaps some sun. It’s meant to be about 8’C, and perhaps we’ll get shelter from the wind as we’ll be close to the Loch edge. Here’s hoping x

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