Wk13 – Ross’s first 10 miler :-)

Today I met up with a good friend Ross to take him out on his first 10 mile run. I know Ross from playing basketball and he also plays the thugs game (football ;-)) so he has a good base level of fitness.

I was a bit concerned when he said that although he’d never done it before, he should be ok to run 10 miles, but he did really well today. His base level of fitness did him well.

It was a warm sunny day (10-14’C), but I’d dropped a bottle of lucozade sport and a SIS caffeine energy gel half way on the route (the day before, in a plastic bag), so I knew we should be ok with hydration and energy.  I made the 10 mile route up on walkjogrun.co.uk so I knew where we were going too.

Ross had the energy gel and half of the lucozade and I had some lucozade and some energy bites too.

Here’s the route and splits we did:

Ross was running really well up to half way, then took a bit of time to get back into it after we stopped, but he still did well. He noticed a drop in his pace but I tried to get him chatting so that he didn’t think about it. And it seemed to work. He breezed up and down the undulating hills in Pollok Park without hardly noticing it. 🙂  His pace did drop a little, but there were quite a few hills so he did really well to keep going.

That’s why I find it’s sometimes really good to go out running with others as it can take your mind off of the mechanics of running and before you know it, you’ve done it.  It was good chatting and we were going at a good comfortable pace off both of us too. 🙂

We got to just before 10 miles, and although he said he was a little bit sore and tired he felt like a million dollars.


I wanted to make sure he recovered the best he could after his great achievement so I gave him:

1. A For Goodness Shake Milkshake.
2. All over stretches to do.
3. Water to rehydrate.

Then suggested he do the following today:

4. Continue to drink water, and eat a snack.
5. Have a good shower.
6. Get some lunch (and water).
7. Take a wee walk around the shops as he had planned.
8. Maybe take a short nap in the afternoon.
9. Get a good carb and protein packed meal tonight.
10. Take a day or three off exercising to recover.


1. We chatted about ourselves and how we got to be where we are with our fitness levels.
2. We got to know each other a bit better.
3. We discussed him getting proper tuning trainers fitted at maybe Run 4 It at Tiso at Cowcaddens.
4. We talked about maybe making this a regular thing, running lunging together every other weekend or every month or so. 🙂
5. We talked about hydration and energy for during and after runs. You can get lucozade sport and For goodness Shakes from most supermarkets. And you can get energy gels from specialist running shops (ie Run 4 it, or Cotswolds).


I think Ross did really well today. I could see he was working hard, but didn’t push himself too much and held back when he knew he should.

I think he should be really proud of himself. Not many people could run 10 miles in the heat like that for the first time like he did.

Hopefully I helped him along a bit too and kept his mind active as he was running. It was good to get to know each other a bit better too, as we tend not to chat much when I’m beating him at basketball. 😉

Run: 10M, 1:35:54, Pace: 9:35, Calories: 684
Ave HR: 135 (71%), Max HR: 153 (81%), Garmin Training Effect: 3.0

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2 Responses to Wk13 – Ross’s first 10 miler :-)

  1. Ross Harley says:

    Haha I love it Lorn thanks! 🙂 great break down of what we covered today and I feel surprisingly fine! x

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