New Function Room in Bella

This morning I got my induction to the new function room in Bellahouston leisure centre.

There are lots of goodies and different kinds of weights so that you can mix your workouts up. And as its new, it’s pretty quiet at the moment, especially in the mornings (when I usually do my weights / circuits).

Here’s what’s in there:

Boxing area
Cable machine
Barbell weights
Dumbbell weights
Medicine balls
Bosu balls
Benches/ steps

There are 45 minute classes on at certain times of the day, then the room is free to be used by a maximum of 15 people. You just need to book in to the room when you go. 🙂

The only thing I thought was missing was maybe mirrors on the right hand side wall. It would make the room look bigger and also allow customers to see their actions / form.

The new things for me to figure out workouts for will be the TRX (I’ll maybe research this some more iver the next few months) and maybe use the boxing area in some of my circuits. 🙂

I think this might be my new (very colourful) home when I do my weights workouts! 😀

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