Goodbye Sian :-(

Today I mixed my training up, sort of in mind that I’m doing a long 33 mile event on Saturday, but also because my favourite breakfast TV presenter Sian Williams is leaving BBC breakfast. 😦

Sian is leaving as the programme is moving to being made in Salford and Sian doesn’t want to move from London. The good need is she’ll still be on the airwaves, on Radio 4 on Satirday mornings. (that’s when I train but I might catch up on iPlayer if I remember!)

I watched BBC breakfast in bed for a bit before I got up. Then instead of doing weights (which might make me a little sore) I decided after my induction to the new Function Room, I’d do a steady indoor bike ride (so I could watch Sian’s last day!)

Bill and Sian have such a good on screen relationship. They’ve been working together for years and they can easily switch from being serious to being lighthearted. I love them. 🙂

They did a funny thing this morning. They showed a clip of how they warm up for their morning shows and call it ’15 seconds’. This is something Siam decided to do to warm up after seeing someone on another show doing it, now they do it every time. Lol

Sorry there’s no sound to it:

And how does this relate to training?…

… Well, the next time I’m on a start line of a race and I’m nervous, I’m going to do the 15 second shake and see if it helps. 😉

You could try it too? x

Goodbye and good luck Sian 😥

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2 Responses to Goodbye Sian :-(

  1. Debs M-C says:

    I’m always amazed about how tiny she is after having four children!

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