Top 10 Motivational Tips

1. Results will keep you motivated
Continually refer to your goals and check your progress.  Don’t be afraid to review and change your plan if it’s not working for you.

2. Find a training partner or group to exercise with
You will be able to talk about your exercise experiences with someone who understands them completely.  Having a partner is also good because you won’t want to let each other down. Do exercise with one person or more and make it social and fun.

3. Do activities you like
The more you can do to make the programme feel like fin, the more likely you will be to continue.

4. Take measurements and an identical picture of yourself every 4 weeks
You will be able to see the effects of your programme has on your appearance and measurements.  It might take a while to achieve your goals, but it will be well worth it in the long run.

5. Keep a training journal
Once every week take time to reflect on all you’ve achieved since you started out.

6. Tell the world about your goals
Your friends and colleagues will ask you how the training is going and you will want to feel good about what you say – excuses are always transparent! Use Facebook to publicise your training and how you’re getting on with it.

7. Read fitness books and magazines
(I’d suggest Runners World and The Runners Handbook by Bob Glover to start)
Reading about how you can improve or change training ideas could lead to a spice up of your programme.

8. Take on public physical challenges (races)
Races will provide a training focus and the impetus of wanting to do well. They’ll also allow you to aim for personal bests (if you want to) or increases in mileage.

9. Listen to other people’s advice about fitness
Other people might have learned what you have not yet come across, so listen to them and decide if their advice will work for you. They’ve maybe been where you are before, and they can maybe give you a new perspective on exercise.  They can also usually see more clearly when you might be over doing it (or when you aren’t pushing yourself enough!).

10. Treat yourself for good behaviour
Though it is best to avoid three day booze ups, and all you can eat buffets, why not reward yourself in other areas of your life?
With a holiday, new gear or new clothes? 🙂

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