Where I’ve been and plans

As you might have noticed I’ve been a bit quiet on here about my training recently. I’ve been taking a bit of time out to think about what might be a good way to put quality posts on here and not so much quantity.

I’m still working on it but you might see more posts about advice and less detail about my own training (hopefully). I’ll still post about the big runs and big events but hopefully I’ll be able to reduce the amount I post about my every day training.

Place an importance on big things (long runs and events) and less importance in the run of the mill stuff. 🙂 And I’ll still post about my challenges and training plans and goals.

I’ll maybe post a weekly overview of my training, and maybe a monthly summary, and maybe collate information about the progress of my training (ie Bodypump weights and other weights). the weekly summary will include my thoughts or I might do desperate Thursday thoughts like I’ve been doing. 🙂

I’ve been enjoying helping people to achieve their training goals so I might do some posts about other people and show them as case studies showing people how things can be done or achieved.

I’ve also been thinking about my own training and although in pretty sure I can do it all and am sure to take rest when I think I need it, I’m going to review my weekly training and maybe take out some things (ie circuits and one spin) and concentrate more on aiming to achieve the main training goals I have.

At the moment they are:

1. Run long / ultra distances in 2 – 3 events over the next few months. (D33, Highland Fling, Clyde Stride)

2. Support and compliment my long run training with strength work, cross training and enjoyable social running without over doing it.

So just to recap, my blog posts in the future should be more of:

Advice / information posts.
Weekly and monthly summaries of my training.
My training plans and goals.
My thoughts about how my training is going.

And not about what I wear on my runs or what my heart rate was. I record that offline and I’ll continue to do that. 🙂

That’s about it from me today.

I was up early today, a 5 mile social then a quick 45 minutes of chest, shoulders, arms and abs in the gym.

Hopefully the changes to the way I blog will make it even better. 🙂 any comments are of course welcome.

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